This site is dedicated to those of us that love Starbucks coffee products but are eager to behave in ways that reduce global warming. We are in no way affliated with or sponsored by Starbucks Incorporated.

You found our site! Our street team does a great job making this cause visable. You can join them by navigating to the stickers page now.

Bring Your Own Cup sticker

In case you don’t know:

  • Humans are now undeniably linked to the global green house effect.
  • By burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests we are increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere which traps excessive heat from the sun and is slowly making our planet hotter and ultimatly unihabitable.
  • Hundreds of millions of humans and a great percentage of the earth’s plant and animal species will die in the next 50 years based on scientific projections of our increasing misuse of resources.

The only way to stop this trend is to change how we live, especially those of us in North America, who consume the largest amount of the earth’s resources. Companies like Starbucks and other fast food chains only supply what consumers ask for. It’s our job to make the planet livable for our children by taking small steps daily to undo the damage of consumer culture. We can solve this problem and we have a moral obligation to do so. Bring Your Own Cup. It’s one small way to take action immediately.

Aaron Murphy

*This site is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Starbucks Incorporated.


One Response to “Mission”

  1. mbjesq Says:


    Congratulations on your excellent mission. I appreciate your apt commentary on my post A Lot of Environmental Thoughtlessness Can Happen over a Cup of Coffee. (The title is a takeoff on the Cafe Coffee Day advertising slogan, “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee.”) I’ve posted a reply.

    Best of luck in spreading the message, increasing awareness, and helping people to make better choices for themselves and their communities.



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