Space Trash

July 20, 2007

We clearly need another planet. We are unable to take of this one in even the most simple ways. There are over 13,000 pieces of junk, each of them more than 30 feet long, orbiting the earth.
According to ABC News,”There are at least another 100,000 hunks of junk that measure between 1 and 10 centimeters (roughly one-half to 4 inches). And the number of pieces smaller than 1 centimeter orbiting the Earth is in the millions.”

Space Trash

Was this part of NASA’s design? Do we go into space intending to litter? If high velocity space trash is such a hazard for space crews how will they curb their contribution to this dangerous and expensive problem?

Mars’ gravity is not as strong as Earth’s from my recollection. When we colonize that planet at least our garbage can be jetisoned into space more easily. Or we can just take care of Earth.