Eco-Friendly Cups Use No Plastic

September 16, 2007

Paper cup manufacturer, International Paper, has created a cup that is defininitely a step in the right direction. Ecotainer from International PaperTheir Ecotainer hot beverage cup is lined with corn protein instead of plastic. According to their press release this small move to replacing the petro-chemical ingredients could save enough energy to heat over 8,300 American homes a year. They mention on the site that they also use renewable energy to produce the cup but strangely there is no mention of the cups’ virgin paper content. While perhaps a bit of green-washing from a company whose core business still relies on trees for it’s profit, they offer a slightly less evil disposable cup that is ready for use in your local Starbucks today.


4 Responses to “Eco-Friendly Cups Use No Plastic”

  1. Fred Baumann Says:

    Stir this…..foam cups….no trees needed, landfill friendly. Less energy to produce. Less costly to buy. Can be recycled, there are programs in place, not many, but if consumer awareness increases recycling could and would increase.

  2. amurphyone Says:

    In the name of open discussion I’ve included your comment. Perhaps you don’t get it though… Unless the foam cup is made from a renewable organic compound, like corn starch for example, it is no good for the environment and a really bad idea for anyone to sell or purchase. Styrafoam comes from refined oil, which is not renewable and in fact a huge waste of natural resources for your thousands of customer’s convenience. Your product is bad for the planet, your children’s future and chokes the worlds oceans with waste that kills unsuspecting wild life in addition to ruining the beauty of coast lines everywhere.

    • AaronMurphy Says:

      Yes, but polystyrene comes from oil and typical paper cups from trees….this blog is intended to share sustainable alternatives to either of these options. Werd.

  3. I am hosting an employee event next week. We are featuring taking care of our employees and our environment.

    I am inquiring to see if you would be willing to provide 200 of your cups for me to use for the event. I am happy to cover the costs of them but they really befit my theme.

    Please let me know if this is something we can work out.

    Thank you,


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